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    Internet not working after account reactivation.

    Hi there, i'm sorry for writting here in english, i didn't find any other places to ask this and i still don't know polish well enough =(

    Recently my account was deactivated even though i had funds for the next payment (weird).

    Yesterday i went to the play store to get it reactivated, they made me recharge 5zl and the account is active again, but my internet plan is not.

    I have Play na Kartę Lubię to! as my tarif, and when i try to activate a 9zl / 2gb package it doesn't work.

    From the Play24 app it says "W trakcie zmiany", it's been like that for hours. I even restarted my phone.

    And if i try using USSD codes it says that the service is not available at the moment.

    I tried also changing to another tarif but it doesn't work either...


    Thanks a lot, and again sorry for doing this in english!


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    Moderator - jahu Hardcore Player Awatar jahu
    Jun 2012
    Przenoszę do działu pomoc play.
    >>> Pojawił się problem na forum? Pisz śmiało: <<<

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    Pomoc Play Hardcore Player Awatar Play4You2
    Aug 2012
    Hello, every single package activates in 24 hours. Please wait.

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    I will wait until tomorrow then and give an update then, i hope it works... Navigating with minimum speed is killing me.

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    It works now, i hope it stays that way


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    You're welcome!
    Pomoc Play

    Tel. +48 790 500 500

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    Hi sorry for bumping this again.
    It's happening lately to me that i get a message saying "Polaczenia wychodzace zostaly zablokowane. Jesli doladujesz konto bedziesz mogl nadal korzystac z darmowego internetu bez limitu danich!"

    I recently had to add 5zl to my account to reactivate it, even though i had more than 30zl there before.
    Now after a week of doing that i get the same message, get every service block (I'm only using 30 day internet for 9zl currently) and have to add another 5zl to reactivate my account... I just activated a 30min call package to see if this makes the account last longer without getting blocked...

    I don't know why it is getting block every week... any ideas on what should i do to avoid this?

    Thanks and kind regards.

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    Hi, @Javier Baccarelli, You can use this data packet only, if Your outgoing calls are valid.

    According to Your Offer, if You charge Your number with 5-9 zł, Your outgoing calls will last 5 days more. So, if You want to use this packet for longer, You need to charge Your number with bigger amount.

    More information about Your offer, You can find here: https://www.play.pl/oferta/play-kart...arte-lubie-to/
    Pomoc Play

    Tel. +48 790 500 500

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    Oh i think i understand, but the thing is that this is not only blocking my calls, but also internet stops working... even if i try to access the 2gb for 9zl package i have active, the application crashes (play24).

    I thought i could have this number with this tarif and only charge monthly packages for internet, i don't really use calls or sms.


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    @Javier Baccarelli it's because this data packet works only if Your outgoing calls are valid. So You need to charge Your number with bigger amount or just more often.
    Pomoc Play

    Tel. +48 790 500 500

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